The Mysteries of Egypt

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6 Pharaohs

Study the booklet "My best book of mummies" and present your own story of the life and death of the pharaohs. Work in pairs, and stick to the titles of the pages in your book. P. 6 The Pharaohs P. 8 The Egyptian People, what was their class system like? P.10 Gods and Goddesses, describe some of them. P.12-14 Making a mummy a grisly job, describe how they did it. P.18 A funeral procession, coffins and cases, food for the dead. P. 24 A mum my's tomb. P. 28 A new tomb and P. 30 Science. Give a presentation of about 300 words , describing these chapters in the booklet.

Desctibe the burial of a pharaoh in detail

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